Light it up!
You have invested time and energy in your outdoor space, so light it up! Don’t let the sun going down take that away from you.
Landscape lighting, when installed properly, can add value to any home or business. It accents your landscape while giving you added security.
Positioning lights to highlight your landscape, trees, and even architectural accents will make an amazing difference in the appearance of your home or business. Decks, patios, and walkways are great places to light up so that your outdoors becomes your safe and relaxing place in the evenings.
Landscape lighting is a low maintenance, energy efficient way to beautify and add value to your property. Programmable controllers allow your lights to function hassle free. So don’t be left in the dark.
Evr-green, LLC uses high quality, low voltage outdoor lighting. So don’t be left in the dark, Contact Us today!
    LED Lights
    Incandescent Lights
    Powder coded cast Aluminum fixtures
    Composite fixtures
    1 year warranty